National Premium Airline with Touches of Thai and Effective Management for Sustainable Profitability

As a national airline which operates air transporting for passengers and cargo and mails, THAI determines to be the pride of the nation to continually achieve customers satisfaction by offering world-class services with touches of Thai charm and the international standards as well as to create sustainable profits through management efficiency.


To provide comprehensive domestic and international air transport services with a focus on safety standards, convenience, and quality services with Thai touches to deliver products of high value and credibility, create lasting impressions, and build long-term relationships with the customers.

To practice good corporate governance in accordance with international standards to ensure sustainable growth and high returns on investment for the shareholders.

To build on our strength as a learning organization that encourages employees to perform at their highest capacities, realize the importance of customers, and enhance their capabilities, skills, responsibilities, and commitment to the organization.

To provide support and assistance and demonstrate responsibilities to society and the environment in our role as the national airline.

All these obligations must be complied with the principles of good corporate governance.